Thu May 23rd - FIELD DAY

It's Field Day – Parents, Guardians & Kids order here!
Kids lunches will be dropped off to their class on the field.
Parents pick up your lunch at the EGK Food Tent on the field.
All condiments will be available.

Kids meal options:
All items come with chips plus an 4 oz fresh fruit cup

1. Turkey & Cheese Sub Sandwich 2. Beef Sliders with Cheese 3. Beef Sliders, No Cheese 4. Vegan Garden burger (gluten-free & dairy free)

Adult meal options:
All items come with chips plus an 8 oz fresh fruit cup

Salami, turkey, ham and provolone cheese
2. Caprese Sub Sandwich: fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, creamy basil sauce and baby arugula
3. Superfood Salad: chopped romaine, shredded cabbage, quinoa, grape tomatoes, jicama, roasted corn, black beans, cotija cheese, and avocado. Choice of dressing: homemade ranch or balsamic vinaigrette
Add shredded grilled chicken breast for an additonal $3!

a) Select your "meal" choice b) add your or your child's name and select "parent" or your child's grade c) add a morning snack, and a drink!

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