Homemade mint chocolate chip ice-cream

Homemade mint chocolate chip ice-cream

Introducing delicious homemade ice creams, available on the menu as Friday-treat and served to-go at pick-up time on Friday (3pm). Four flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Mint chocolate chip and Lemon Sorbet!

Plus two seasonal spooky flavors available starting October 15th (order by 5pm on Wed Oct 13th!) until November 5th (order by 5pm on Wed Nov 3rd).

All ice-creams and sorbets are in collaboration with Kaviar Kitchen, a proud member of the Seven Arrows team. Homemade, with a few fresh ingredients, all ices are preservative-free* and vegan when indicated.

*This means they will melt quicker than other ice-creams; parents, please be sure to plan accordingly. 

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